JOINGO Case Study – West Coast Casino Resort


• Increase slot play during one of the slowest periods of the fiscal year.
• Provide an incentive for app users to stay actively engaged and help boost the number of new user downloads.
• Convert anonymous app user to carded app users.
• Give value to the newly launched mobile app.


• Make an exclusive offer to ALL mobile app users to receive a compelling point multiplier offer for a single 24-period.
• Invite the mobile app users to register for the exclusive offer by downloading the app and changing their user status from “anonymous” to “carded” by logging in with their club account number and PIN.

• In the days leading up to the “Point Multiplier Day” promotion, once a week confirm the “carded” app users registration with push notifications from the app. “Anonymous” app users will receive a push notification informing them that they have NOT registered for the exclusive offer and when they must register by in order to be eligible for the offer.
• 48-hours prior to the day of the promotion a list of all app users who registered by the deadline is produced and uploaded into the promotions program of our player managements system. Additionally, all registered app users will receive a final confirmation for the promotion through push notification.


• On the day of the promotion (mid-December), there were 11,528 “carded” app users registered to participate in the “Point Multiplier Day” promotion. And while expecting a response rate of 5%, there were 1,525 slot players participating in the promotion which is a 13% response rate.
• Mobile app downloads increased 22% over prior month as a result of the point multiplier offer. • Average mobile app user sessions increased from 1,548 per day in November to 2,116 per day by the end of December. This represents a 37% increase in app user sessions with an average session time of 3 minutes 48 seconds.
• Total coin in increased by more than 20% over the prior year’s total (no other active promotion running during this period).

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