Why Casinos Need “More Than Just a Mobile App”

By Danielle Parsons, Director of Partnership Development – JOINGO
As a casino operator or marketer, you know you need a mobile presence. A mobile website? Definitely, and you’ve probably already done that. A mobile app? Yes, but you may not have pulled the trigger on it yet, because you don’t know where to start. Should you build it in house? Should you contract a developer to build it? Should you go with a company that builds mobile apps? Should you take the mobile app that your CMS/game manufacturer is offering you for next to nothing, even though it doesn’t have all the features you want?

By now, you probably know that you can’t just build a mobile app that essentially reiterates information that’s already on your website and has very little useful functionality for your guests (commonly referred to as a “brochureware” app). Today’s mobile users demand an app experience that’s convenient, functional, entertaining, and easy to use – and you only get one chance to make a first impression, or your app gets deleted or left to rot on their smartphone, never to be touched again. Of course, your app should be able to display patron’s account information and let them book restaurant tables and event tickets, but it should feature “above and beyond” functionality like promotional kiosk integration, drawing entry, event RSVP, point/comp conversion, real-time line-busting, and location-based offers.

You, as the the operator, need the app to be equally as useful – it should have engagement tools that keep your patron interested and returning on a regular basis. The backend platform should have reporting and and analytics that tell you about your patron, their behavior inside the app, their responses to your communications, their likes and dislikes. It should even be able to tell you when your customers are visiting your competitor more often than they are visiting you.

Your mobile app should also have a team behind it that supports you 100% with regard to training your team and starting up your mobile engagement efforts. And lastly and perhaps most importantly – it should increase revenue and save time, effort and expense.

So, back to the original question – how do you go about creating a mobile app and strategy and app that fit your unique business needs? Keep in mind that building a fully functional app in-house, from the ground up with a team of several people, usually takes 1.5-2 years and ends up costing about $1.5MM. If you contract an outside developer to build the app, you may be able to get it done for less money, but the launch time frame of 1.5-2 years will be the same, and when that developer moves on, you will have an app; but you may not have the person who designed, coded, and managed that app, and it will quickly become broken and/or obsolete.

These are all things to consider when thinking about how to establish a mobile presence for your casino brand, and it can be overwhelming. Bottom line is, you need more than just a mobile app. You need a mobile engagement solution that increases revenue and saves time & effort, backed up by solid technology, robust reporting & analytics, and 24/7 support. JOINGO can deliver a custom branded mobile engagement solution for your casino in as little as 30-45 days, with integrations to your CMS, lodging, kiosk, POS, ticketing, and other systems. We would love to help you define your unique mobile strategy and get your mobile engagement solution up and running fast.

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