JOINGO Case Study – West Coast Casino Resort

Objectives • Increase slot play during one of the slowest periods of the fiscal year. • Provide an incentive for app users to stay actively engaged and help boost the number of new user downloads. • Convert anonymous app user to carded app users. • Give value to the newly launched mobile app. Strategies • […]

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Why Casinos Need “More Than Just a Mobile App”

By Danielle Parsons, Director of Partnership Development – JOINGO As a casino operator or marketer, you know you need a mobile presence. A mobile website? Definitely, and you’ve probably already done that. A mobile app? Yes, but you may not have pulled the trigger on it yet, because you don’t know where to start. Should […]

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tablet pc with a poker app and poker chips coming out by breaking the glass, concept of online gaming (3d render)

Gamification and its Role in the Casino for the Operator and Player

By James Poole, VP Gaming Products, JOINGO There are many terms which propel themselves into the vernacular at such a rapid pace that they become buzzwords bandied around meeting room tables without being challenged or fully understood. There is always a reluctance to be that person who is bold enough to ask what something means […]

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Targeting the Mobile-only Customer

In just nine years the mobile device has become so central to our daily lives that it seems as if it is no longer possible to function normally without it. We are forever more tethered to our smartphones, and many of us become virtually incapacitated without immediate access to these tiny screens. The anxiety that […]

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Web VS Native Apps – Which Is Right For Your Brand’s Mobile Strategy?

Apps continue to dominate U.S. consumers’ share of mobile usage time, with native apps accounting for an impressive 86% of the time spent on mobile devices. (Source: Flurry Analytics 2014 Mobile Analytics Report) Where does this leave web apps, which have garnered much attention recently thanks to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and HTML5, […]

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Micro-Location Targeting

Location, location, location is no longer a mantra reserved for the housing market. Location is quickly becoming highly relevant for any industry, including retail, hospitality, entertainment, and healthcare. As location awareness technology becomes more powerful, so does a brand’s ability to target consumers with location-based marketing. The most successful location-based marketing will provide immediate, tangible […]

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Mobile Engagement 101

As the mobile revolution continues, brands are challenged to find the right way to introduce mobile into their marketing mix. Marketers must embrace mobile adoption quickly, but many find this new and rapidly changing landscape difficult to navigate, much less put into use effectively. To craft an effective mobile strategy, it is essential to know […]

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The 5 W’s of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is one of the most effective ways for marketers to engage their customers today. With a reported 91% of US mobile users keeping their mobile device within reach 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (Source: Mobile Marketing Association), it has quickly become the number one communication tool. However, many brands are […]

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